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Disaster Relief for Texas
Published: August 25th 2017 @ 1:50 PM by: Phil Hodel

As a Salvation Army first responder, Midwest Food Bank is answering the call to send disaster relief food boxes to Texas. This request for aid is unique in that it is made for a disaster yet to happen. Harvey is expected to make landfall on the central part of the Gulf coast early Saturday morning as a major hurricane. The storm is expected to stall and dump devastating rainfall of 15-25 inches for days.


The Salvation Army has requested two semi loads of disaster relief be sent to Arlington, Texas, far enough inland to be safe, yet close enough to be readily available when needed. Those loads are set in motion, and the request for two more has aready come in.


Midwest Food Bank’s disaster relief boxes contain enough shelf-stable food and supplies to provide for a family of four for about 5 days. MFB delivers the boxes to disaster sites where they are distributed to those in need by the Salvation Army. Volunteers pack, load and drive the boxes to disaster sites.


“We are always ready to answer the call from the Salvation Army,” says Mike Hoffman, MFB Director of Operations. “We are thankful to be able to help our neighbors to the south.”


Those interested in helping to pack disaster relief boxes should watch MFB’s Facebook page. To offset the cost of food for the boxes and fuel to deliver them, donations may be sent to Midwest Food Bank, 2031 Warehouse Road, Normal, IL 61761, or click here.

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